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You have three options when working with Manikin to sell your property.

1: Public Listing | 2: Pocket Listing | 3: Off-Market


1: Public Listing

  • Listing Agreement Required

  • Public Visibility

  • Must Agree On

    • List Price

    • Commission

A Public Listing is what you typically think of when selling your property. Your property will be added to various MLS platforms and uploaded to popular websites such as: Zillow, Trulia, Estately, etc. This option gives your listing the most visibility to realtors and buyers searching the web.


2: Pocket Listing

  • Listing Agreement Required

  • Not Public

  • Must Agree On

    • Asking Price

    • Commission

A Pocket Listing is essentially an off-market property with a listing agreement. Manikin takes on the obligation to actively market your listing without posting the property to the masses. We typically “zone-in” on a specific group of buyers and strategically develop a custom marketing plan. As the seller, you take on the obligation to compensate Manikin an agreed upon commission via the listing agreement.


3: Off-Market

  • No Listing Agreement

  • No Obligations

With Off-Market properties, neither party has an obligation to perform. Many of our off-market deals come from owners who are open to the idea of selling but have no intension of actively pursuing a buyer. Essentially, we only need to know a general price range and terms that might be acceptable. When we come across a qualified buyer, we will contact you to see if there is potential for a meeting of the minds.


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