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  1. Initial Consultation

  2. Submit Application

  3. Compliance + Setup

  4. List

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1. Prepare + Listing

In preparation to list your property, we assist in creating a unique and dynamic first impression of your rental. We provide a professional, in depth view of the best qualities of the exterior and interior of your property, highlighting its greatest qualities, creating the potential for immediate bookings and Superhost status from day one.

We can also assess existing listings to increase bookings and help you move up to Superhost status by restructuring content to enhance and improve upon what you have already established with a professional and unique structure.

  • Snap + edit pictures of interior and exterior of your property, accentuating finest qualities and unique allure

  • Create creative title for your listing to draw attention to property

  • Draft a summary of your property + description of standard information and unique qualities

  • Structure an efficient process for check in + check out, key procedures + communications

  • Create a guide book to encourage guests to enjoy the local scene + neighborhood attractions

  • Set up welcome letter + informational printout including parking, garbage, neighborhood rules and regulations + emergency procedures



2. Compliance + Legalities

It is crucial that you are up to date on the local laws and regulations to create and maintain a short term rental. Upon registration with Tu Casa, we will provide you with an information packet that breaks down of the state, county and city requirements and discuss the most appropriate system that works for you.

  • File your applications

  • Obtain licenses on your behalf

  • File tax receipts

  • Remit occupancy taxes

  • Set up TDT account and file monthly

  • Send reminders for annual renewals + file upon request

  • Keep you in compliance, organize + provide all official documents and account number



3. Design + Decor

One of the initial aspects of hosting on Airbnb and other platforms is to offer a space that people are visually attracted to. We provide a unique and creative first impression of your property so that you are always first in line for potential bookings. We offer three tiers of quality enhancements and “hotel stay” amenities to create a cohesive, consistent and intriguing impression the first time, every time. With our simplified yet specific systems and style, we will keep you at the top of the list and ensure a steady flow of interest year round.

  • cohesive functionality + ambiance

  • minimal + eclectic décor

  • refreshing foliage + unique design elements

  • standard + upgraded “hotel stay” amenities

  • attention to detail + cleanliness

  • interior foliage + exterior intrigue



4. Book + Manage

Once your property is cleaned and organized and design elements and enhancements are in place, it is time to list your property! We will handle all the initial listing set up, promote your listing accordingly, create a presence within the platforms’ community forum and start booking. We then offer you full management services, providing you with a stress free process and giving your guests hotel stay quality with a down home comfortable experience. We will always keep you informed and handle any situations that arise with the utmost professional approach and consideration.

  • Maintain Back of House operations, emergency + severe weather procedures

  • Coordinate + manage cleaning services, maintenance, repairs + seasonal upkeep

  • Maintain communications with guests + handle special requests

  • Provide monthly, quarterly + annual financial statements + file upon request

  • File monthly tourist + development taxes



5. Celebrate!

Congratulations! You have established Superhost status from the get-go, received a streamlined and stress free process of setting up your property to list, and are being provided a friendly and professional management support. Time to sit back, revel in your investment and breath with ease that your guests will have the greatest experience each and every time. 

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