Tu Casa


1: Compliance | 2: Design + Decor | 3: Listing + Setup | 4: Management


1 — Compliance

how we help:

  1. File your applications

  2. Obtain licenses on your behalf

  3. File tax receipts

  4. Make sure your occupancy taxes are being remitted

  5. Set up your TDT account

  6. File your monthly TDT

  7. Provide you with all official documents and account numbers

  8. Send reminders for annual renewals

  9. File annual renewals if requested

  10. Keep you in compliance

It is crucial that you are up-to-date on the local laws and regulations that affect your short term rental. You must meet all requirements on the state, county, and city level in order to be in compliance. If you are not properly set up, you are risking some hefty fees that will eventually come back to you.

Once you are registered with us, we will provide you with an info packet that breaks down the full process. In addition, we will set up a phone or in-person meeting to review all requirements and to discuss the most appropriate system that works for you.

2 — Design + Decor


The most essential aspect of hosting on Airbnb and other listing platforms is to offer a space that people are visually attracted to. Your space does not need to be high-end or luxury. It just needs to have “style” which comes from the collaboration of design and decor.


The design element focuses on functionality and ambiance. Think of the amenities you get when staying in a hotel; your guests are going to expect your property to have these same amenities unless you are listing a unique teepee or something of that nature.


Your need for a decor service is going to depend on the current condition of your space. For example, we furnished a 3,000 SF home in Tennessee for a client who remodeled their home and then decided to list the property on Airbnb but did not want to deal with the task on their own. Another client in Florida already had their space set up, and we simply suggested a few revisions to make the space cohesive.

Listing + Setup

  • Snap + edit pictures of your property and items to highlight

  • Come up with a creative title for your listing

  • Draft a property summary + description of what makes it unique

  • Create a guide-book to help your guests enjoy the local scene and neighborhood

  • Set up an emergency plan + post a copy in the space for emergencies

  • Structure a process for check-in + check-out


  • Coordinate with a cleaning service + handyman

  • Take + reply to all booking requests

  • Provide monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements

  • File monthly tourist & development taxes